My Story

I began studying harp at the age of ten with Katherine Newman, the principle harpist of the Huntsville Symphony Orchestra. After graduating from high school at the age of 16, I attended the University of Alabama Huntsville (UAH) where I graduated Magna Cum Laude with a BA in Music Performance.

During my studies in college I managed to pursue other interests including the Chargerettes Dance Team where I danced for two seasons, coaching recreational gymnastics, teaching harp students, and ballroom dance.  I have also performed at many venues ranging from orchestra settings, including the HSO, theater productions, weddings, teas, and open-air performances at Bridge Street Town Centre where I have been a Pavement Performer for the past several years.


Our Approach

Our Story

My Approach

My desire to play the harp came to light at the age of seven when she asked my parents if I could take lessons.  Because of my age and the fact that I was already involved in dance and gymnastics, I was not able to start lessons until I was ten.  Even then, I was told I would have to ask about lessons from the harpist who was playing for The Nutcracker.  When I came to my mother with a business card from the harpist, it was a signal that I was indeed interested in the instrument.  I had to go to great lengths in order to talk to the harpist who was in the orchestra pit, a no-go area to those dancing in The Nutcracker.

I have been in love with the harp ever since that day and I would like to instill the same love and passion that I have for the harp in others.  This could be a love of listening to harp, or a love of playing the harp on any level. Playing the harp has helped me through many ups and downs in my life and I have loved being able to provide an escape for those who have had a rough day and then tell me there day has gotten better because of the song that I played.

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