Harp Lessons


Its time to take your first harp lesson.

Even though this is a cliche, it is never too early, or too late to learn how to play the harp. Playing the harp is one of the most rewarding instruments to learn.  I can teach both lever and pedal harp, but for younger students I usually recommend starting on the lever harp. Starting with one does not mean that you cannot swap later on.

My goal as your instructor will be to help you reach your goals as a harpist. If you are on the road to becoming a professional harpist, or if you are wanting to learn the harp as a hobby, I will enjoy the time to share the love I have for this instrument with you.

Learning to play the harp will open so many doors and give you new experiences.  You will be able to share what you have learned with those who love to listen to harp. Opportunities include playing at parties, nursing homes, hospitals,  church services, concerts, and family gatherings, Also, lets not forget the joy of playing music for yourself in the privacy of your own practice room.



Start playing beautiful music today.