Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How Much Do You charge?

Depending on the length of your event or how far I will have to travel will depend on the price. Give me a call today to find out how much I charge for your event.

Do you Travel?

I do travel.  I have traveled as far Gulf Shores for a wedding and even to New York for a concert. While there is no charge for local events, depending on where your event will be held I will charge the IRS mileage.  I do not mind traveling anywhere, but will not fly with the harp.

Why is it so expensive?

Unfortunately, playing the harp is not a inexpensive career.  The harp itself is very expensive and on top of that I have to pay for a cover, bench, stand, cart and strings, not to mention having a special car that the harp can travel in.  Having a harp at your event, however, will be worth the money!